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Material Extraction

Situated off the Arnhem Highway 130km East of Darwin in the Northern Territory, the Ostojic Group's Mt Bundy Quarry produces an array of quarried construction products. These products are supplied to local construction companies in Darwin and throughout the Northern Territory as well as providing the Ostojic Group's Concrete plant and Civil Construction divisions. 

Mt Bundy Quarry is an open cut quarry where a rock is extracted by drill and blast methods before being transported to the processing plant where the rocks are crushed and screend into various sized aggregates and other products for specific contracts.

After processing the rock, it is stockpiled before being loaded onto prime movers with side-tipping trailers. The Ostojic Group side-tipping trailers used for transportation of products off site are equipped with either tarpaulin covers or hydraulic operated lids which elimates potential spills of product onto public roads.

With the capacity to produce approximately 40,000 tonnes of crushed rock products in a month, gives us the capability of producing large quantities of crushed product to meet our clients needs.

Some of the products produced from our Mt Bundy Quarry include:

  • Screened sands
  • Washed sands
  • Road gravel
  • Rock Aggregates
  • Fill and topsoil

For more information or to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements, please email and someone from our specialized team will be in touch.